New Website Design Yoga Cheshire

New Yoga Website Requirements

Grainne approached us to build a brand new website from scratch for her existing yoga business. The website was built around the primary focus to generate more customers.

From the very start we supported Grainne  and found and chose a domain that best suited both Grainne’s ideas and Google’s search engine optimisation. Subsequent meetings with Grainne allowed us to get creative ideas into wire frames and discuss the content required.

Starting with a keyword analysis as a foundation to the professional copy writing, the content was written by us and subsequently approved by Grainne. We were delighted to work with Cheshire’s leading photographer, Sara Facchin who supplied all the images for the website.

We now host and manage the website. And we are so happy (not surprised..) that as Grainne’s yoga business has grown due to our successful SEO campaign we are continually updating the content of the website to ensure it truly reflects Grainne’s business.