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How To Add A Blog Post On WordPress

By May 12, 2016Website Design

Once your blog is set up in WordPress, adding a blog post is a very simple process.  Simply hover your cursor over Posts then select Add New:

How to add a blog post on wordpress

 Post Title

Adding the Post Title is a good place to start when you add a new blog post on WordPress. The Post Title is displayed to your visitors when they are reading your post and is the heading displayed in widgets when the Recent Posts widget is implemented.  It is good practice to ensure that your Post Title fully describes the content of your Blog Post and contains keywords to help improve your websites search engine optimisation, SEO.  Your Post Title needs to be appealing to your website users to increase the probability of website users clicking through to your website. It can be easier to compose your Post Title once you have completed the main content of your new Blog Post, and so a rough Post Title can be used initially until you have written the Post Body Content.

 Post Body Content

Your Blog Post needs to be written with a clear structure in mind. Start your Blog Post with an introduction, followed by the main body of your content, and finally a conclusion.  Use Headings and Sub-headings which will help structure your Blog Post and they also contribute to your websites SEO. Ensure that your keywords feature in your headings without becoming too repetitive as it is important to ensure reader usability is maintained.

Your Post Body Content should be a minimum of 500 words for your websites SEO, ensuring that your keywords are used at least 4 times.


Images are a good way to increase engagement with your website through visual content and can help your SEO if they are fully optimised. Ensure that the images you use are resized so they do not affect the speed load of your websites pages. It is good practice to be consistent with the size of image you use throughout your website to further improve your website user experience. Furthermore, setting the Alt Tags up correctly with your website post keywords will also enhance your websites SEO.

 Categories & Tags

Each Blog Post has to be assigned to at least one Category, the Tags are optional. Categories are widely used to group together Blog Posts with a similar theme, and Tags allow those groups to describe your Blog Post in much more detail.

 SEO Plugins

The last job before publishing your Blog Post is to enter in your Focus Keyword, SEO Title and Meta Description into your websites chosen SEO Plugin. We recommend the Yoast Plugin or All In One SEO. Both allow you to easily check the content of your Blog Post with a content analysis so you can make the necessary changes for your website blog post to be fully optimised for SEO and user experience.

Once you are ready, click Publish.

Happy Posting 🙂