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Bright Website Design Love Star Wars

By January 13, 2016Bright Website Design

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Our intrepid techie was hugely excited to be seeing the new Star Wars movie on its release night at 1.00am.

Here’s his review in brief…

“Star Wars The Force Awakens is a very good film.  Despite being set on all new planets, it is a galaxy we recognise and it feels very much like coming home.  It has plenty of references to the old films for the old fans, brings back some of the much loved characters from the franchise, introduces some excellent new ones.  J.J Abrams deserves a lot of credit for not trying to do too much.  Everything about the film feels “right”.  It is a solid opening to the new trilogy which sets up nicely for what is to come,   Perhaps the only disappointment is in the overall story line of the film, feeling almost a little too familiar, but that is something which can easily be overlooked given everything else.”